Skype Can Prevent your Local Websites from Starting

If you run a web server on your machine and you have Skype, you might have problems with Skype preventing your web sites from starting. If you try to start them you'll get a message stating that the resource is in use... this is because Skype automatically takes over ports 80 and 443 as "alternatives for incoming connections."


ColdFusion 9 ISAPI Only Runs in 32-Bit Mode

I recently updated my work laptop to 64-Bit Windows 7 so that I could up my RAM, and found that after installing CF IIS 7.0 threw 0x800700c1 errors. Luckily, after some googling, I found the answer.


SQL Server Can't Handle Milliseconds

A Broken WatchI've started up a new job, and one of the tasks I'm going to have to tackle is creating a system where nearly every record has an effective date: only the information with the most current date that has happened so far is considered in use. This means that I've got to do some crazy date manipulation to keep things running smoothly. While working on some stored procedures, I found an issue with SQL Server and its handling of datetime values when incrementing in milliseconds.


Getting Started with IE9: Pinned Applications and Jumplists

Internet Explorer 9 is here, and if you're anything like me, you're happy to see the wide world of the web moving forward. If you're anything like me, you're also looking at IE9's new "Pinned" websites, and thinking "Man that looks spiffy". I set out to convert my website into a pinnable application on my Windows 7 task bar, and I'm going to walk you through getting your site setup for it as well.


First 3 Minutes with IE9

So, first three minutes with IE9, and my thoughts are:

  • The new interface looks spiffy.
  • Cufon is broken in IE9, so my site looks terrible.
  • What kind of idiot thought it would be a good idea to make an undifferientiated part of the clear area at the top of the browser launch new tabs instead of maximizing the window on double click?

Double-clicking in the portion of the top of the window where the tab bar would extend to causes a new tab to appear instead of maximizing the window. There is no visual differientiaton to indicate where the cutoff point between these two behaviors is located. Thats a usability fail right there.


Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) Released

The Beta of Internet Explorer 9 was released today. I'm usually not excited by IE, but man, anything that stands a chance of knocking IE6 further down the road is a good thing in my book.

Ars Technica has a great article covering IE9, so I wont go into specifics, but I will say that while Microsoft's done some typically stupid things (the UI... yuck), it is a very compliant browser, and hopefully will let us really move forward with HTML5 and some advanced styling. Look for some post from me about what kind of CSS tricks we can hopefully treat as standard now that IE is "back in the game".

Download IE9


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