Skype Can Prevent your Local Websites from Starting

If you run a web server on your machine and you have Skype, you might have problems with Skype preventing your web sites from starting. If you try to start them you'll get a message stating that the resource is in use... this is because Skype automatically takes over ports 80 and 443 as "alternatives for incoming connections."


ColdFusion 9 ISAPI Only Runs in 32-Bit Mode

I recently updated my work laptop to 64-Bit Windows 7 so that I could up my RAM, and found that after installing CF IIS 7.0 threw 0x800700c1 errors. Luckily, after some googling, I found the answer.


ColdFusion Spreadsheet Headers Ignore Empty Columns

This is one of those notes-for-my-future-self type posts related to a bizarre behavior with ColdFusion's support. ColdFusion ignores any column at the end of your document where the only data was in the row you specified as a headerrow (assuming you ignore the header row). Got that?


Problems with Day() and CreateTimeSpan()

I'm attempting to use CreateTimeSpan() to hold information about how long my system will be down for maintenance given a starting date and time, and I've been running into a few interesting issues. I'd have thought that this would be a simple matter, as adding a timespan to an existing time stamp would be a useful mechanic, but it seems as though there are some hidden gotchas and, perhaps, some outright bugs.


Broken Icons in Windows 7

After uninstalling and installing some applications the other day, I noticed that some of my desktop icons had gotten "broken" in that they still worked fine, but the icon was the generic icon that Windows 7 uses when it doesn't know what the file is, rather than what it was supposed to be. Changing the icon to a different one worked fine, but changing it back left the icon still broken. Let me be clear: the icon displayed, but the image was wrong, and this was only some of my icons, not all of them.

After a bit of digging, I found this link which tells you how to fix fix the problem. I'm not really sure what went wrong, but this definitely fixes the error and gets your icons looking right again.


When in Doubt Clear Your Bin

This is a reminder to myself, and anyone facing down a weird error message when trying to build their ASP.NET application: you need to try clearing out your Bin folder and rebuilding it. I've 'fixed' probably a dozen build problems so far just by clearing out my Bin and rebuilding the application. To clear your Bin folder:

  1. Find your project file in Visual Studio and left click it.
  2. Go up to the icons in your Solution Explorer and click 'Show All Files'.
  3. Find your Bin folder in your project, and right click it.
  4. Click 'Open File in Windows Explorer'.
  5. Select everything in the folder (Ctrl + A) and delete it.
  6. Rebuild your application.

I've got no idea why there were errors with my applications, or why this fixed them, but its always a good first line of defense. If you've got an error message you can't figure out, clean out your bin.


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