This is a nice little design article on spacing and typography

This is a nice little design article on spacing and typography; its often hard to explain to a client or a non-designer why spacing and subtle shading makes such a huge difference, but I think its quite obvious when you look at the starting example and the end result.


SOPA Protests

Google's Homepage in protest of SOPA on 1/18/2012Today a portion of the web did something that I don't think we've seen before; website "black outs" and other activities to raise awareness for a legal issue. No matter your thoughts on SOPA I find it fascinating to see activism on this scale on-line; this isn't just a few fringe sites saying "legalize it" or "bring our troops home" this is major, major players in our web-economy taking a stand on a political issue. Given that most of these sites will be back to normal tomorrow, I'm going to try to capture screen shots of at least a few of the participating websites.


Getting Started with IE9: Pinned Applications and Jumplists

Internet Explorer 9 is here, and if you're anything like me, you're happy to see the wide world of the web moving forward. If you're anything like me, you're also looking at IE9's new "Pinned" websites, and thinking "Man that looks spiffy". I set out to convert my website into a pinnable application on my Windows 7 task bar, and I'm going to walk you through getting your site setup for it as well.


Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) Released

The Beta of Internet Explorer 9 was released today. I'm usually not excited by IE, but man, anything that stands a chance of knocking IE6 further down the road is a good thing in my book.

Ars Technica has a great article covering IE9, so I wont go into specifics, but I will say that while Microsoft's done some typically stupid things (the UI... yuck), it is a very compliant browser, and hopefully will let us really move forward with HTML5 and some advanced styling. Look for some post from me about what kind of CSS tricks we can hopefully treat as standard now that IE is "back in the game".

Download IE9


Getting Started with Cufon

I've been curious for a while about techniques for font replacement on the web. We've probably all heard about the idea of embedding fonts, but looking around at the standards right now, it doesn't sound like any one browser has things right, so I decided to explore a third-party option. Read more to learn about the basics of Cufon, an easy to use font "embedding" system.


WebGL Musical Solar System with HTML5 & WebGL has a good post today about an example program for HTML5 + WebGL, that really shows what we're going to be able to do with the web in the future. The video above is a recording of the actual program that runs in the browser. There is no flash, just stuff that HTML5 + WebGL can accomplish, when we finally get to have them in our browsers.

Plus I really just love the music.

Read more at Nihilogic Blog


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