jsFiddle Example: Controlling Masking Layers with AngularJS

More in my series showing how to do small things with AngularJS. This time its controlling masking layers "the Angular way" but using ng-class to apply the masking layer. The CSS code is largely just your bog standard masking layer code with a centered alert box, but I've added a CSS3 animation for the opacity to make it fade in and out.



Rishi's Gravatar It creates problem in IE8/9 specifically
Jon Hartmann's Gravatar @Rishi - sorry you're having issues. I checked out the code in IE11 (oldest I have) and while I did see a flash of unstyled content (the modal before Angular has a chance to close it) the modal did work in it. Unfortunately I don't have a testing suite with IE8/9 on it to compare to see what the issue might be, but Microsoft has even official stopped supporting those browsers:

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Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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