Missing Data Types in Enterprise Architect

If you've used Sparx System's EA, you might know that its a quirky little program at times. I've come to love the power it gives me to document designs and interactions, even if I've had to give myself a crash course on UML just to get my head around it.

One thing I hate though is that sometimes things just don't work and its not obvious why its not working. When trying to create a Data Modeling Diagram to display the database objects involved in a proposed update, I found that the Data Types selection for my columns was empty: all the entries were missing. I was getting really frustrated until I checked on the table entity itself and found that Database for this table was not set. Once I changed to SQL Server 2000, my Data Type drop downs populated with the correct values.

In short, if you're using EA for a database diagram and your data type selections are blank, you need to check the database setting on the table itself.



Chris McKay's Gravatar Thanks mate, saved me a few hours!
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Thanks, still don't know how i missed it :)
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Jon Hartmann's Gravatar @Chris, TBC, and Peter: Glad I could be of help. EA is awesome, but its easily to get tripped up on something like this.
Thank's Gravatar thank you!
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I didnt remember that issue, and I was spining like a hamster...

Very usefull help!
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Dan's Gravatar Thanks, this was driving me mad.
Joël's Gravatar Thanks! That saved me a lot of time.
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Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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