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Man, this blog has gotten a little musty! Time to freshen things up with some more frequent posts and an maybe a re-skinning if I'm feeling bold. I'm working on my first new post in what seems like ages, but I'm going to be holding it for Monday cause that seems like when the most people hit my site or click through from To give you a hint: I think I've found legit reason to use Evaluate()! Given how much I hate Evaluate() and all of its degenerate ilk, you'll want to tune back Monday to see if I've found a crazy corner case, or if I'm just nuts.



Dawesi's Gravatar Evauate has ALWAYS been useful, but if you use it like a goon, you'd pay. I found numerous super-fast uses for it over the years, now it's soo fast, even goons can use it again!
Jon Hartmann, July 2011

I'm Jon Hartmann and I'm a Javascript fanatic, UX/UI evangelist and former ColdFusion master. I blog about mysterious error messages, user interface design questions, and all things baffling and irksome about programming for the web.

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