If you're not following my tweets, on Monday I joined the trendy new subculture know as "the unemployed". I've always had a note that I'm available for projects, but now I'm officially Looking for Job (LFJ). If you've got a project that could use an certified advanced CF developer with 3 years experiance, I'd love to hear about it :)

Additionally, my current predicament leaves me Looking For Hosting (LFH) for both this blog and my Father's photograph website. I had been receiving free hosting from my previous employer, but thats going to run out in really short order. If you have a recommendation for cheap hosting, I'd love to hear about that too.



Daniel Sellers's Gravatar Sorry to hear you lost your job...

as for hosting: provides free hosting for web developers. Downside its CF 6... upside well its free and they have good tech support.

Could always go with Hostek they are cheap ($5 a month) for CF 8 hosting.

Good luck finding a job out there!
Freelance Web Development's Gravatar Hey John, sorry to hear about your situation. Last year the same thing happened to me. The company I was working for, over ten years, could no longer keep me on salary (I was 'their' last employee). Luckily I was already doing work on the side for two years. So my roles reversed... I took on my own company full time (I had many months of back-work) and still do work on the side for my employer. It worked out really well until this year.
Lately it's been slow as heck and I'm just barely getting by month to month. It's crazy because I'm actually working harder NOW than when I had plenty of work/projects to do. More of my time is spent looking for work than doing work. It stinks. Trying to outbid Asians at guru is maddening. People only see the bottom line. And making it more frustrating is knowing what I am capable of in terms of efficiency and quality.
Anyway... good luck to you!
Jon Hartmann's Gravatar @Daniel + FWD : Thanks for the kind words, its been an interesting week+ now, and the hunt continues.

@Daniel: Thanks for the tips on hosting, Hostek sounds like it might be a good option, given the pricing, but I'll have to see how it goes.

@FWD: I'd considered going into business for myself, or just trying to pull down all freelance stuff, but I'm not sure that is the best option for me right now. In between jobs, yeah I'm going to do some freelance work, but I crave the stability of a regular paycheck. Good luck to you though!
Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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