FCKEditor + Session Values = Big Question Mark

So I ran into an interesting issue when dealing with session values in FCKEditor. As per a recent post, I've got a modified version of FCKEditor 2.6.4 setup to use dynamic user folders (one per site, with multiple sites in the system), and things were going pretty well. Unfortunately, I'm running into an interesting issue getting my session values to exist when I need them. What ends up happening is that the first time a use loads the editor, if they attempt to use the file browser, the session data is invisible to the config file. I've captured a screen shot of test of this issue:

Image of Missing Session Values

As you can see, despite being a later time stamp, the second browser window does not have the correct session values. I've verified that there are no additional application files between the test.cfm page and the viewpage.cfm that is pictured.

Now here is the interesting bit... if you refresh the page, the session information suddenly begins displaying on the test page:

Image of Session Values Displaying

Ok, so I'm running in a clustered environment, so maybe there is a value propagation problem where its taking some time to get the values to the second instance... except no matter how long you sit and refresh the test page, the values never show up until you refresh the view page. This means that the values aren't even displaying if you're hitting the same instance as the one on which they were set.

I simply don't have an idea what is going on here. I could maybe understand if it was a cookie bug since this is in different window, but the site is clearly figuring out that its the right session, its just not getting the session information for those values.

Am I missing something?

Update Thanks to J Cyr for point out that I missed blurring out one of the urls... definitely a boo boo on my part.

Also thank you for the idea about domains, but if you look close enough, the session IDs match, and the user object is present in both windows. Its just that not all of the information transfers.



Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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