ColdFusion Certification... 7 or 8?

I've been trying hard to get studied up in preparation for taking my ColdFusion Certification test. While I'm not too worried about passing, I'm dead set on getting an Advanced Certification, and thats not quite as easy. One of my coworkers already got his advanced with a score of 95%... tough act to follow!

I'm also wrestling with the idea of going straight to the CF8 test. I've got a good understanding of the updates and changes, and the test is going to be useful for much longer, but my company is only requiring CF7. Paired with the fact that no good study materials have been made for 8 yet, and I'm worried that I could fail if I go that extra mile.

Tough call.



Bats's Gravatar I'd say go ahead and get CF7 since it is going to be beneficial for the here and now. Then maybe just a little time down the road some study material will come out or you could try to get your hands on a copy of CF8 for learning purposes.
Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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