Javascript Abstraction in ColdFusion: Pro or Con?

There is an interesting article up on today discussing the pros and cons of Javascript abstractions. It's aimed squarely at the root of an issue that I have with ColdFusion 8's Ajax and Javascript integration: abstractions are easier and save time, but do you loose something by giving away that control? I heard Andy Powell give a talk at CFUnited in 2007 about the (then) upcoming release of ColdFusion 8 and its Ajax and JS support, where he asked the room to raise their hands if they liked Javascript. Those few of us that did got some weird looks from the crowd... how weird: people that use a technology might actually like it?

I like Javascript, and I don't think that thats weird. If I need FCKEditor in ColdFusion, I still use FCKEditor, rather then the new tags. If I need ExtJS, I still use ExtJS rather then the new tags. Why? Because I know that I can program better for my situation then Adobe. Its not that Adobe's code isn't good, its just that they have to program in such a way that it works for everyone, and that always creates bloat. Always.

Using <cfwindow> will save you some time, I'm not saying that it wont, but its going to add overhead that might not intend. You might not ever notice that overhead, and thats fine, but what happens if its a problem? Ultimately you'll have to go find someone that actually knows (and probably likes) Javascript to fix the problem for you. Why not get that person to write it in the first place?

Where would you draw the line? The purist in me says "Code it straight in JS and don't mess around." while the realist in me says "If most people don't need to rework the tags, then its working fine." Do you think abstraction can come back to bite you, or is it just a time saver?



Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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