BlogCFC Tweaks: Bug Fix for viewByCategory.cfm

I recently posted a blog entry with some code and instructions to allow drilling down into categories to view the posts in that category. Unfortunately, it had a bug. The meat of the viewByTemplate.cfm file should look like this:

<cfmodule template="../tags/datatable.cfm" data="#entries#" editlink="entry.cfm" label="Entries"
         linkcol="title" defaultsort="posted" defaultdir="desc">

    <cfmodule template="../tags/datacol.cfm" colname="title" label="Title" />
    <cfmodule template="../tags/datacol.cfm" colname="released" label="Released" format="yesno"/>
    <cfmodule template="../tags/datacol.cfm" colname="posted" label="Posted" format="datetime" />
    <cfmodule template="../tags/datacol.cfm" colname="views" label="Views" format="number" />
    <cfmodule template="../tags/datacol.cfm" label="View" data="<a href=""#application.rooturl#/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=$id$"">View</a>" sort="false"/>

Notice the missing "querystring" attribute on the datatable module. If you don't remove that bit, clicking on a blog post link from the category view wont take you to that blog post at all. I've updated the code in the relevant zip.


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Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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