Foundeo's Rounded Borders

I know I said that I wouldn't do it, but I've become obsessed with figuring out replicate the rounded borders effect for CF8 that Foundeo included in its Effects CFC. I tried drawing rounded rectangles with large brush strokes to do it, but I keep messing up the diameters... maybe I'm just not getting it right.

Any one have any ideas?


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David's Gravatar Looks like Jeff Coughlin found a way of doing it for his FarCry CFImage Effects Plugin. You can check it out here:

Just download the plugin and check out his imageEffects.cfc. He does give you credit for using your base code for the reflect() and GradientMask() functions.
Jon Hartmann's Gravatar Wow, thats really cool. I've figured out a rounded corners method that I think works pretty well, and I'll post it later, but I'll check out the FarCry effects first.
Matt Gifford's Gravatar Hey Jon

Great code. I've been looking all day for something like this.
I'd love to see the rounded corners code if you post it or could send it to me.
Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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