ColdFusion Frameworks

I've been delving into the use of "frameworks" for development lately, specifically as applies to ColdFusion. My job currently is a little understaffed, so I'm looking into things that might provide more stable applications in a shorter development time. However it seems that the basic definition of framework changes when you move from platform to platform. In Javascript the Prototype framework (or others) include prebuilt, compatability tested code so you can easily leverage AJAX or other technology with low overhead. While I see that as the goal of many frameworks, it seems like there is a high overhead just to get things going, or that these crazy setups require like 5 different sets of Frameworks working together to work fully.

Any way, if any one gets to this post and has any comments on any of the following frameworks, please let me know.

ColdSpring Mach-II Fusebox Reactor Model Glue



Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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