So, I've got BlogCFC setup and running fine... but I'm really confused by parts of it. It probably stems from being intended for a single blog setup, but this thing really is horrible at multi-blog setups. None of the blog info is held in the database, despite having one to handle blog entries and pages.

When working on my multi-blog interface, I have to constantly shift directories and login again to move from site to site, apparently the login information is not shared across directories in any fashion.

Further, because each directory requires its own set of tags and everything else, if I want to work on layout changes, I have to implement them across five different pages.

Everything aside, it was simple to setup and get working, but for multi-blog sites, it gets tedious.

  • File based blog settings while using a database... bad
  • Requiring multiple directories while using custom tags to handle most code display... bad
  • Logging-in everytime you change the blog... bad.

In the end, to allow the kind of control I want for my site, I'm gonna have to either write my own code, or seriously rewrite a ton of this code.

And I mean, I know its not a basic feature of a blog, but the admin interface lacks quite a lot. There are tons of good WYSIWYG editors out there that could really spice this thing up, but instead all you get is a text editor...



Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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