Setting Up Shop

I'm trying out BlogCFC, and trying to figure out if I'm allowed to hack the front end display... if I am then expect to see changes to the look fairly often.

Man, I've got to fix this image floating thing, it keeps pushing the bottom bar around funny if I've not got enough text.



jon's Gravatar Another test
Connor's Gravatar I consider myself to be a promoted internet user and can say that your resurce is one of not many I like to come back again and again. I just hope that someone finds my search engine on ------ files ( ) that useful too
Jon Hartmann's Gravatar Well, thanks for the kind if slightly suspect compliment. I hope that you'll still appreciate my content now that I've removed the link to your website thats written in PHP. If you're not really a spammer, shoot me an email and we can talk about what it is you like about my site and get your link restored.
Jon Hartmann, July 2011

I'm Jon Hartmann and I'm a Javascript fanatic, UX/UI evangelist and former ColdFusion master. I blog about mysterious error messages, user interface design questions, and all things baffling and irksome about programming for the web.

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