Image Object

Perhaps I've been overwhelmed by my recent reading on object-oriented design, but as I said in my last post, I thought an object that offered all the CF8 Image functions as methods of that object would be kind of nice. Despite the stumbling block of not being able to use onMissingMethod and Evaluate to create a solution, I applied a little brute force and hand coded it all. You can download it here:


Version 0.3
  • Corrected for ImageDrawQuardicCurve() documentation errors (takes 7, not 9 as listed here).
  • Added masks to allow Yes/No and On/Off inputs to be passed as simple boolean values (true/false)

I've tested the basics, but I wont guarantee that it is completely bug free. When I find additional bugs, I'll put out new versions. I'll also be using this object as the bases for a new EffectsImage.cfc that will hold things like the mirroring effect.



Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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