I've come up with a .02 version of warpcore using a Java Stack as the event manager, but from simple testing it doesn't seem to be as fast as the previous version. I'm going to have to narrow this down to creation time or execution time though.

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The name's probably already taken, but what the hell. WarpCore is the name I've given to a very simple implementation of an implicit invocation controller scheme in ColdFusion. The concept is simple: some variable is set that contains an event, the WarpCore handles the registration of new drives (controllers), and the WarpCore controls activating functions in those drives.


Model Glue App

The Pig Latin translator is down for a bit... I'm trying to test out scaffolding in Model Glue and I'm breaking mappings trying to get the dang thing to work. *sigh*


First Model Glue App

Ok, so I finished my first application in Model Glue: Pig Latin Translator.

Yes its the QuickStart example.

Yes its lame.

I'm still proud.


Model Glue

I've reversed my previous ideas on the Model Glue vs Mach II frameworks; I like Model Glue better. Its not because Mach II is "bad" in any way, but I was sold by the simplicity of Model Glue's config.xml set over that in Mach II, and the cleanness of the integration with Reactor and Coldspring... oh and scaffolding is the shizzle.


Risks of prototype.js

I've been doing some reading into using Adobe's Spry Framework (more about that later), and I've found that apparently prototype.js isn't quite as awesome as I had thought. Prototype works by extended the array and object prototypes to include new functionality, unfortunately this breaks some code (including Spry and Google's xpath.js library). While I've not gotten to look into the full ramifications of this, it sounds like prototype can cause headaches if you want to mix-in other code.


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