jsFiddle Example: Loading Mustache Partial Templates Via Ajax

Mustache is a great, simple, templating language, but the JS implementation (https://github.com/janl/mustache.js) doesn't make it clear that not only can you load partial templates dynamically, you can load them via Ajax (just not asynchronously). This is an example of using a function instead of an object as the partial argument to Mustache's .render() method.

This example has a bit of bit of logic to work around jsFiddle's limitations. For example, in order to let jsFiddle spoof an Ajax call, we need to supply the template data at the time the Ajax call is made, and therefor, the templates must reside in the HTML. In the real world the point of this would be to place each template in its own .html file, and the templateLoader() would be making get requests to load their content directly.


Example of using Template in Prototype

In response to a blog post by Ray Camden about jQuery and duplicating form fields, I put together an example of using the Template class in Prototype. As an added bonus, I designed this example to also handle form resets and to feature a controller based design. You can click here to view a demo of the example in action. Read more to get the break down of the code.

Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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