Seems some one beat me to the idea of a blog in Mach II.

Check it out here.



So, I've got BlogCFC setup and running fine... but I'm really confused by parts of it. It probably stems from being intended for a single blog setup, but this thing really is horrible at multi-blog setups. None of the blog info is held in the database, despite having one to handle blog entries and pages.


Hacking it up

So, I double checked the creative commons license, and it seems I'm good to go to hack this thing up... and this is what it looks like so far. I'm having a bit of a tricky spot with the comments... the tag use in BlogCFC is rather opaque to me, so its slow work. Added to that that the Stylevantage layout isn't setup for the same widths as BlogCFC is making things rough.


Setting Up Shop

I'm trying out BlogCFC, and trying to figure out if I'm allowed to hack the front end display... if I am then expect to see changes to the look fairly often.

Man, I've got to fix this image floating thing, it keeps pushing the bottom bar around funny if I've not got enough text.

Jon Hartmann, July 2011

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